The fact that I’m very much a novice blogger was thrown in my face last night.  After spending too much time composing a post to introduce my blog, I tried to edit, then save, and *poof* it was gone.  So, either I hit the wrong key, or the software has some bugs.

Rather than attempt to recreate a masterpiece (kidding!), I’ll settle for a condensed version, which is probably better anyway.  My introduction to blogging began here.  I enjoyed reading Brother Otterson’s posts but was often surprised that so many disaffected LDS would use that public forum to denounce the Church.  There was little participation from active LDS, so as time allowed, I did my best to defend the beliefs that I cherish.  It may not have made a difference to anyone else, but it was a very eye-opening and educational experience for me.

For me, the exhange of ideas and the dialogue that occurs with those with different perspectives through blogging is a great way to learn.  My main hope for having a blog is to be able share ideas and learn from others.

About the name, I tried several other blog names, but they had been taken, so I finally settled on this phrase from a scripture that I like (D&C 64:33).  For me, this scripture is a great reminder that it is the little things that we do in trying to live the gospel that make the biggest difference, and we may not see the fruit of our labors, but our efforts and righteous desires do make a difference.