I loved conference as always and will look forward to reading and re-reading the talks.  The sustaining on of President Mondson and the first presidency on Saturday was a neat experience.  It was interesting to see each in our family in turn stand up in our home and sustain these men that have been called of God.  It struck me more forcefully than usual that sustaining involves much more than just raising our arms during conference; we can all sustain our leaders by serving in our families and in our callings, by seeking to obey the counsel we have received, by “earnestly striving” to be Christlike.

As “neat” as it was to watch the proceedings of conference on live TV in the comfort of our home, I can’t help but feel that I missed some of the spirit of the occassion by not being there in person.  Some speakers and others that attended at the conference center that were interviewed spoke of what a powerful spiritual experience it was to witness the mantle of the prophet fall upon President Monson, and there is just something about being there in person that allows one to feel things that isn’t conveyed as powerfully via a broadcast.

I made notes from many of the talks and won’t bore anyone here with them all, but here are a few of the highlights for me”

Elder Nelson:  Salvation is an individual matter but exaltation is a family concern.  Responsibility of parents to teach children with attributes from D&C 121:41-43.  We should not try to control our children; allow them to exercise their agency.

Sister Lant:  Are we making righteous traditions in our families, or are we letting life just happen to us?  Be steady and unchanging in doing good things together.  Try to involve traditions that lead to conversion.

Elder Oaks:  the different types of “knowing” something is true.  How we can know.  Those with gift of knowing are responsible to testify so that others with gift of believing can believe.  Help children define themselves not only by external measures (grades, other achievements) but also by their growing testimony.

President Uchtdorf:  Story of plane crash caused by bearings being off only by 2 degrees.  Need to have frequent evaluation, course corrections, and self discipline to stay on course.

Elder Bednar:  We can make prayer a more meaningful part of our lives.   Faith is a principle of action and of power.  We should pray with faith and then act.

Elder Ballard:  The time we have with our children is limited; we should use this time wisely.  Other practical advice for parents.

What were your thoughts and impressions of conference?