We had stake conference this weekend, along with 134 other stakes in Utah and Wasatch counties.  I really enjoyed the live broadcast today and will probably have a future post regarding some of the highlights for me from today’s meeting.

For now, I just wanted to comment on how marvelous and miraculous the the technology that is available to us today.  With the growth of the church, it simply isn’t practical for the first presidency and the apostles to meet in person with each stake as they did many years ago.  Today we saw and heard Elder Marlin K. Jensen, Sister Dibbs, President Packer, and President Uchtdorf.  It was a wonderful meeting and was just as good for me as if the speakers had been in our own building just for us.  How much more effective that these meetings can now be broadcast to over 100 stake centers and many thousands of members.

In addition. President Packer spoke of how they can use video conferencing to speak personally with potential mission presidents, how they weekly hold meetings via satellite with leaders throughout the world, etc.  The technology we have today is truly a blessing.

More within the next few days….