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Although it received zero comments, my last post (“Finding Beauty Among Thorns”) at least received some exposure from this nice reference at (see the last item mentioned).  So, in that same vein, here are more thoughts about weeds.

Tonight as I mowed our lawn, I came across a very tall weed.  I have seen this weed growing for weeks but never did anything about it.  It seemed pretty harmless.  I pulled it out tonight, and it was literally as tall as me (about 6 feet).  My family is at Disneyland with our camera, so I had to settle with this image found via google:

I began thinking about how weeds just seem to thrive.  You don’t have to water them or fertilize them or worry about them at all like you do with grass and plants that you want to grow.  In fact, it is often difficult to get rid of these pesty plants.  When left unchecked, these noxious weeds can choke out the “good” plants that you want to grow.

Life is similar to this.  Unproductive thoughts and habits easily spring up in our lives.  As time passes, if we aren’t mindful about controlling these mental weeds, they soon become so rooted in our being that we may not even be aware of their presence.

Our aim, I believe, should be to rely on the Master Gardner to quickly and meticulously root out these weeds from our hearts, and at the same time, we need to fertilize and cultivate our seeds of faith, love, humility, and service.

See Alma 33: 23