Several weeks ago, a member of the stake presidency asked for input about having a special stake fast for moisture.  The area where we live has been in a drought for a few years.  Interestingly, not long after this discussion, the severity of the drought was highlighted in local news.

In addition to fasting, a suggestion was made that we teach the doctrines associated with the land.  Specifically, for our sabbath day observance, the Lord promises the blessing of rain (see Leviticus 26).  Also, we are promised that our obedience to the law of tithing will open the windows of heaven and that the devourer will be rebuked and the fruit of the land will be spared.  By focusing our efforts on improving sabbath day observance and paying a full tithe, we would be entitled to the promised blessings.

I have participated before in group fasts when family or ward members had special needs.  These were always positive experiences.  I believe in the power of uniting our faith and prayers and fasting for a common cause.  Still, for the drought, I questioned in my mind how effective a fast of a few hundred people in a relatively small geographical area would be in reversing a drought that affects most if not all of the state and probably multiple states.

Our stake’s fast for moisture was on Sunday, Jan. 26th.  A few days later, a storm came through, and we were blessed with moisture.  Farmers requested that people fast for moisture on Sunday, Feb. 2nd, and since then, we have had frequent rain, and more importantly, the mountains have received so much snow that avalanches are now a danger.

I am grateful that our stake leaders were inspired to hold a special fast.  I am sure that many others in this area have been fasting and praying for the needed moisture.  Although more rain and snow is needed in the next month or two, our prayers have been answered, weather patterns have changed, and we will have sufficient water for the coming year.