Here are some things that I like (in no specific order):

Eating:  Treats- chocolate (dark) and ice cream (any).  Toast- homemade wheat bread (white and wheat flour), plain (with just butter or margarine) or with cinammon and sugar.  In the summer- fresh peaches, corn on the cob, and garden tomatoes.

Baking:  Treats- cookies and brownies (I’ve become lazy and usually resort to mixes).  I have a great cheesecake recipe that I make a few times a year.  Bread-  I use our bread maker to mix all of the ingredients, let it rise, and then bake it in a regular loaf pan in the oven.

Reading:  Books- mainly on gospel-centered themes; scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon (but not as much as I should); conference talks and church magazines; some blogs.

Thinking:  I like quiet and enjoy thinking, trying to understand things better, and learning.

Finding bargains:  I love a good bargain.  I check the weekly grocery store ads for the best deals.  I also use coupons, and often use them on sale items for great deals like cereal for $1 or less per box, butter for less than a dollar a pound, etc.  When I find a store doing double coupons, I’m in heaven!  We also have found great sales on clothes at places like Target, Kohl’s, and Dillard’s.  The funny thing is that, although we aren’t super wealthy, we definitely don’t need to scrimp the way I do.

I love the temple.  I enjoy the peaceful feeling that I have there and the proper perspective that I have when I leave.

to be continued….