I enjoy all of the talks from general conference and shouldn’t favor one over another, but here are some of my favorites:

From General Conference- Oct. 2007
Elder Oaks:  Good, Better, Best
Elder Wirthlin:  The Great Commandment
Elder Bednar:  Clean Hands and a Pure Heart

Previous General Conferences:
President Benson: Beware of Pride
President Faust: The Healing Power of Forgiveness
Elder Bednar:  That We May Always Have His Spirit to Be with Us
Elder Wirthlin:  The Abundant Life

Other Talks:
Elder Bednar: Seek Learning by Faith
Elder Bednar: In the Strength of the Lord
Elder Bednar:  Marriage Is Essential to His Eternal Plan
Gerald Lund:  The Voice of the Lord

Articles I Enjoy:
Wallace Goddard:  First Principles of Marriage
Richard Eyre:  The Three Deceivers and Three Alternatives
A. Dean Byrd, Mark D. Chamberlain:  It Takes More than Willpower ; from their book Willpower is Not Enough; Why We Don’t Succeed at Change